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Submission + - End times and computer programming

An anonymous reader writes: End times beliefs are a type of ideas currently being communicated among mankind, on a wide scale. This kind of ideologies have been popular for centuries, in many cultures, and I personally think that it has been around for many thousands of years.

In the context of such ideologies, science plays a most important role because it is our best technique to establish truth and filter out falsehood, and based on the truth about our world, to develop technologies to save lives and protect our world. This has the important side effect of alleviating fear and helping to make mankind more rational, more civilized.

These results of science are supported by all major religions. Very few marginal scientific movements oppose science.

So far, based on our scientific knowledge, we have some evidence of the possibilities of end times. For example, a comet or large asteroid hitting our planet. We also have the possibility of some members of our species using their most powerful bombs and military microbes to destroy the entire species, as well as many others. Science was most involved in the development of these WMD's.

Science is currently involved in developing technologies to protect us from comets or large asteroids. Science has a long way to go in developing ways to protect us from ourselves.

I am sure that marine biology with computer programming have an important role to play in this regard. For example, it may just be that if we could develop a computer system to show that whales and dolphins are sentient and that a few cetacean species may participate in some level of communication with us then this may change the way that we see ourselves as a species and would greatly contribute to the dampening of our dangerous, narcissistic, belief that we are the king of the hill, in this case the Earth.

There is a prototype of such a tool, it is open source, and all in Java, the most common programming language today:

The user guide is at and sample whistles in xml are at

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