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Submission + - Reinventing the Source Code Search Engine

calum writes: "Too much time is wasted re-implementing code that someone else has already done, for the sole reason it is too difficult to find specific useful code. Previous source code search engine, such as google codesearch and koders, only considered individual files on there own, leading to poor quality results; making them only useful when the amount of time to re-implement was extremely high. Both newsforge and jaxmagazine are covering the launch of a new source code search engine, All The Code that is aiming to change all of this. By looking at code, not just on its own, but also how it is used, it is able to return more relevant results. For example, if there were two similar libraries both for binary trees, if one libraries was used more frequently it would have a higher ranking than the less used library. This seems like just what we need to unify the open-source community, leading to an actual common repository enabling projects to easily discover useful modules in each other, and ending the cycle of unnecessary reimplementing allowing us to focus on new, interesting problems."

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