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Submission + - Linux powers Super Bowl's "flying" camera

An anonymous reader writes: A new article on Super Bowl technology is out. Biggest revelation? That overhead "flying" camera CBS uses runs on Linux. From the article: "The camera's position is updated 200 times each second by the Overdrive motion control software, which runs on RTLinux, and control information is fed to a set of winches outside the stadium. The winches are driven by 20hp motors that can spin up to 3,000rpm and can position the camera anywhere in the field of play by reeling in cable and playing it out. The system is now sophisticated enough that an operator can fly the camera behind the ball carrier on a kickoff and follow his return up the field, all the way to endzone if necessary (and with Devin Hester running back kicks for Chicago, it may be necessary)." Is this the first Pengiun-powered Super Bowl?

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