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Submission + - Ultimate anti-burglary alarm: FOG and LIGHT wall

aariasp writes: "Burglars can clean out a surprising amount of merchandise or property with a Smash and Grab, where they target specific items, and run way before the Police has time to arrive. A typical high-end computer setup costs $10,000 + and two guys can take it in 3 minutes. FlashFog is a pretty extreme technology that neutralizes burglars by filling the whole room with incredibly thick fog while making it glow with a 1500W of plasma strobe light. The fog makes a loud hizzing sound as it comes out. The smallest model pumps 117 cubic feet of pea-soup dense fog per second, easily filling an average room in about 30 seconds. Plasma converts electricity much more effectevely into light than incandencent lights bulbs do, therefore the 1500 watt, 12 pulse per second light creates a blinding effect that multiplies the apparent density of the fog, keep the eyes in constant shock and immediatedly upon break in show that the owner has an extreme security system. The fog looks like a rollling cloud. The vast majority of burglars run right away, but those who stay risk getting caught, as the Police is dispatched normally. The fog is stable for 45 minutes and leaves absolutely no residue, and its non toxic. It is activated by the installed alarm. To see an article recently published: &file=article&sid=976"

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