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The Internet

Submission + - What's the BEST way to host a website from home?

lucas.clemente writes: "Currently, I use a very rudimentary system to host my website(s). I have a Time Warner cablemodem, protected by a Linksys router. That Linksys router does port forwarding (port 80) to a $50 Powermac G3 running OSX. For DNS, I use dyndns.org. (they offer both free and pay dynamic DNS clients).

This is adequate enough to support a website that has gotten no more than a dozen visitors at a time.

My question is: Are there any slashdot readers who have been able to use a cable modem's bandwidth to host a website with a significant volume of traffic? EG thousands of users a day...(& still use it for day-to-day internet surfing)?

If so, how many other configurations are there (of comparable cost & simplicity) to accomplish this?"

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