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Submission + - Matt Stone replies to Richard Dawkins

Chris Gray writes: "After Richard Dawkin's lukewarm response to his appearance on the South Park episode, Go God Go, creator Matt Stone has fired off a reply, imaginatively entitled "Richard Fucking Dawkins", accusing (among other things) Dawkins having a cult of followers. From the article:

"Wich are you more mad about, the fact that we made you sound stupid, or the fact that you're a complete fucking idiot dude! Look, Trey and I may not be Christians, but we also don't push our ways on people, and from the looks of things, you have a fucking cult going, not a belief, or a scientific fact, A fucking CULT."

Stone has also been accused of deleting comments to his blog post that don't support his view, justifying it as, "No, It's just that people with no display images, deserve no spot on my blog comment, nerd."

A cache of the blog post is available in case of its removal."

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