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Submission + - A better concpet for Web-of-Trust?

An anonymous reader writes: The StartCom Certification Authority introduced recently its StartSSL(TM) Web-of-Trust Network and with it an interesting mixture of classic PKI certification requirements for its notaries, but decentralized verification for its members. With this, StartCom aims to overcome the weak points of most Web-of-Trust scheme problems. A post at their WoT dedicated forum says:

One of the reasons why StartSSL WoT can be a better trusted Web-of-Trust network than others, is the fact, that notaries have to be Class 2 certified by StartCom. This allows to always track verifications done by one or more notaries to real and verified identities. We call this the bootstrapping of notaries, since one or two notaries can start to verify other members in any region of the world without relying on already existing other notaries (provided they can be verified successfully by StartCom).

Additionally, notaries have to be at least 18 years old and undergo an online test. The test is not too difficult, however it requires the notary to actually read and understand the WoT policy...

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