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Submission + - Desperate House Gamers Launches Site for Women

An anonymous reader writes: January 12, 2007 — While the world of video gaming still remains a male-dominated one, gaming amongst females is on the rise. Yet despite the growing numbers of so-called "girl gamers", little marketing is directed or tailored towards their particular perspective. To address this gap, Desperate Housegamers (DHG) is announcing the launch of its female-oriented gaming site, dedicated to all aspects of gaming. Boasting the same features found on most gaming sites, such as game and gadget reviews, DHG caters to the female perspective while acknowledging that women are just as interested in gaming as men.

As with men, female gamers can be found in every age group. One of the fastest growing segments of the market is made up of women over the age of 18, who currently represent 38% of the gaming market — a larger segment than that represented by under-18 males, according to the Electronic Software Association. Casual games, such as Bejeweled or Tetris, are largely responsible for the boom in gaming by women over 18. Younger women often enjoy games typically thought of as "boy games", but are frequently overlooked or misunderstood by marketers.

"Female gamers of every stripe exist out there," says DHG founder Mike Krakauskas, "but they're largely ignored by the gaming industry. Most existing gaming sites are very male-oriented, from their design to their content." DHG aims to give female gamers a place they feel comfortable, and where they won't have to battle their male counterparts for respect. DHG also intends to provide female gamers with a forum where they can express their views and voice their opinions, as well as simply socialize with likeminded women.

About Desperate Housegamers: The Desperate Housegamers website can be found at Updated daily with news features, articles and reviews, DHG provides gamers with the latest gaming information tailored specifically for women. Features include community forums as well as a live voice chat room where women can discuss anything from gaming to general chit-chat.

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