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Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Second Life Sued For Stolen Virtual Property

Petey_Alchemist writes: "The press loves Second Life, the MMORPG with a twist. For years, Linden Labs — the founders and administrators of Second Life — averred that yes, you do own your land, and yes, you do own your intellectual property (animations, scripts, etc.) However, the terms also reserve the right for Linden Labs to ban you and reabsorb your assets on a whim.

This contradiction, as might be expected, has been the source of much in-world drama over the last few years. But now, Pennsylvania lawyer Mark Bragg is taking Linden Labs to court. Bragg alleges that the company committed a crime when, after he used an exploit to underbid on a land auction, Linden Labs not only invalidated his purchase, but also refused to refund the money. When he complained, they banned him, resold his land, took the $2000 U.S. worth of Linden Dollars he had in his account, and then continued to charge him property tax for the land he could no longer access.

Second Life Insider (which, editorially, takes an anti-Bragg stance) has the first story on actual filing, and includes a link to the full text of the complaint."

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