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Submission + - A geeky homebrew CCTV system?

Zero_DgZ writes: "Cameras. Wires. Multiple capture cards. Disk space! Real time internet broadcasting! It's enough to make your head spin. I have a plan. Well, I have a concept. I want to set up a CCTV system using the usual Stuff I Have Lying Around. Ingredients are some cheap composite CCTV cameras, a nondescript PC of the x86 persuasion, and the possibility of multiple capture cards for multiple cameras. The goal is to have an always-on box recording the camera data to disk at reasonable quality (massive hard drive capacity is cheap these days) and — this is the kicker — broadcasting the output of the cameras (no more than four) over the internet so I can survey all that I am King of from elsewhere. My solution for one camera was stupid easy: One camera, one card, the Shoutcast server I already have, and NSVcap. Looking into setups that support multiple cameras seems to involve A) enormous amounts of money, and B) hair raisingly daunting setup. The latter I can deal with. The former I cannot. So, geeks of Slashdot, how would you install YOUR all seeing eye(s)? Windows or Linux solutions acceptable, though at the moment I'm leaning towards Windows just for the sheer hardware support."