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Submission + - Vista TCP Window Stacking Causing Slowdowns

tridium writes: I recently moved into a new place where the landlord left a Linksys WRT54G ver2 router for us to use. Three laptops in the house running XP connected to it fine, but my desktop, running Vista RC1 build 5600, had to be hardwired. The Internet worked fine for a bit, but I noticed some websites weren't loading up (google, gmail, gamespot, etc.), and all IM clients were non-existent. Vista's self-diagnosis said to bypass Port 80 in the firewall (when the firewall on the router and desktop were off) and that it couldn't communicate with the DNS server, so I researched and the new TCP window stacking protocol in Windows is wreaking havoc with my router. I upgraded the firmware from Linksys, tried manually setting IP settings, modified the registry to disable TCP window stacking, but to no avail. Linksys support was useless saying they couldn't help with my "operating system configuration." I'm at a loss and any help, short of downgrading to XP, would be greatly appreciated!

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