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Submission + - Saddam Hussain Executed

An anonymous reader writes: Saddam hussain was executed on December 30th for crimes aganist humanity.he was defiant to the end,refused to wear a hood,and was holding a quran when he was hanged.
Here is the BBC's article on the execution.
Here is the BBC's interview with Judge Haddad before the execution.
This is an article on his burial and a video of his final moments. From The Article:
"The extraordinary, turbulent, hugely controversial life of Saddam Hussein was brought to an end at dawn this morning, between 0530 and 0545 local time, just as the call to prayer was sounding across Baghdad........It took place in an Iraqi compound known by the Americans as 'Camp Justice', a secure facility in the northern Baghdad suburb of Khadimeya, outside the Green Zone.....He has been buried in the village where he was born 69 years ago."

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