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Submission + - Google Delays Payments to improve 2005 books

An anonymous reader writes: I got the following from google after complaining about my adsense earnings being rather late. They are putting november earnings on a January payment instead of december. My colocation bill normally posts around the 2nd of the month, two weeks after Google pays me. This time sufficient funds wont be in the account and I am actually leaving the colocation facility due to this. Google is continuing to lose sight of their 'dont be evil' motto.

Other publishers are complaining as well and were also told they are not being paid until next month as well. Google is telling everybody January 5th, which is about two weeks later than normal.

Hi ******, Thanks for your email. I apologize for the delay in EFT processing due to
the holidays. Please rest assured that your December payment (for Nov.
1-30 earnings) is currently in progress and will be sent to you soon. Once
it is issued, you should see the 'Payment' link posted to your Payment
History page.

I understand that your payments may have arrived earlier in the past.
However, as a general rule (for EFT), your payment should arrive in your
account by January 5th, at the latest.
Please let me know if you haven't received your payment by January 5th. I
appreciate your continued patience and understanding in this matter.

Best regards,

The Google AdSense Team

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