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Submission + - The 'Gates for President' story continues...

An anonymous reader writes: The 'Bill Gates for President'-hype has received quite the attention on Slashdot before (here and here). It seems like a lot of people are either very much for or very much against this tempting idea, originated either in the mind of Dilbert creator Scott Adams or Redmond Magazine editor in chief Doug Barney. The thing is, both of them supported the dedicated website set up to convince Bill to actually run for president, so let's point our attention in that direction...

After being Dilberted and Slashdotted (to the ground), and after receiving quite a lot of aye-rolling from Paul McNamara, it does seem the people behind aren't about to give up on their cause. They've launched an online petition earlier today in yet another attempt to persuade Mr. Gates. It's obviously flamebait, but interesting flamebait none the less... It's good to see these guys aren't being stopped by the side-effects of political debate.

I have serious doubts about whether or not all of this is even going to get Bill Gates to lift an eyebrow, but it sure is a remarkable effort. I'm tempted to sign the petition. Are you?

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