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Submission + - Eli Lilly's Zyprexa Documents Leak to the Web

An anonymous reader writes: Eli Lilly's motion to suppress the evidence against Zyprexa has been denied by a metaphysical court of appeals. Justice will be served via HTTP.

As we speak, the dubious marketing schemes drawn up by the Smartest Guys in the Pharmaceutical Business are propagating throughout the Internet. Bittorrents have been internationally seeded; p2p networks like morpheus, kaaza, gnutella, and limewire are already trading vigorously; photos laced with the data have been posted to public photo sharing sites like flickr; movies containing slideshows are circulating on video sharing sites like YouTube; Usenet isn't obsolete yet, and yes, backups have been uploaded to freenet (, the virtual data haven;

Information wants to be free. Look for a file named ZyprexaKills, or any of its l33t variants.

For those without easy access to these services, find the documents at this convenient location: ar.gz.html

Please be cautious when obtaining these files! We The People are up against some of the most greedy and powerful elites in the world. You may want to consider using the tor program ( to preserve your anonymity. If its difficult for you to install this program, try, a web based surfing solution.

I've noticed several design suggestions in your code.