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Submission + - Transformers Movie

john g the 4th writes: Transformers the movie has recently released a trailer which is intriguing to say the least. The main site for the movie is also incredibly well done, and if the trailer (exclusively on yahoo) isn't indication enough, this just might be the movie to see this summer for those of us who grew up watching the TV series. It does seem to be a unique interpretation of the original storyline, though the trailer really doesn't show much more than quick shots of action and eye candy.

Only a glimpse of Optimus Prime is shown, but its a moment that still made a few hairs stand up on the back of my neck. My gut feeling on hearing about the movie was expecting another poorly animated 3D feature (much like the Cartoon Network remake), but honestly I never expected the quality of CG that I saw in the trailer. This might up the bar for quite a few movies in the next year. As with most Hollywood remakes though, you can expect some forced storyline "must haves" that will leave the loyalist fans (such as myself) more than a little annoyed. I still expect this movie to be a magnificient feast for the eyes, and if nothing else, the trailer is worth the wait for download.

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