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An anonymous reader writes: Greetings, Clash Royale fans! It’s Monday and we’re coming at you with another set of the best decks, strategies and battle tips our readers have been using this week for Arenas 4, 5 and 6. After the balancing changes it took a little time to adjust strategies, but our readers were definitely up for the challenge. If you are looking for tips, tricks and decks that are winning Arenas 4-6 check out the five we have listed below. Or, if you are looking for beginner strategies or earlier decks we’ve featured, see our entire Clash Royale article stream, here.

Happy Clashing!

Deck Strategy/Explanation
“This is a well-built deck, it's has a great synergy. I almost win every match with this,” says Keni. “Always play defense! Countering the enemy should be your top priority. For example, if the enemy drops a Prince and you counter it with the Barbarians- and pair it up with a Witch. It's gonna be a great combo and the enemy will have less elixir to counter you.

Here are a few reasons he recommends this deck:

Zap — Cheap, but can take low elixir troops like goblins, spear goblins and skeletons.

Witch — Splash damage. A great combo with the giant skeleton and barbarians.

Spear Goblins — As distraction for both air as well as ground troops.

Barbarians — To counter hogs, prince, giants, and high HP troops. Also can be used as tanks for the witch.

Bomber — Splash damage. Since we have a lot of point targeting troops, the bomber along with those troops make a fantastic combo.

Giant skeleton — A tank or if the enemy has flooded your side with large number of troops, just deploy your giant skeleton and see the enemy troops vanish.

Baby dragon — Works very nice for both offence as well as defense.

Mini Pekka — If the enemy has 2 high HP troops and he drops at both the sides of the base, just drop the barbarians for one and mini Pekka for another.

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Clash Royale The Game of the Decade so Called Century

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