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Submission + - New service to detect disposable email addresses

mawhin writes: appears to be peddling a collaborative service to detect and block the use of disposable email addresses. Are we about to see an arms race here? From TFA...
This is a collaborative protection system against disposable email addressing (DEA). More explicitly, * Protects site owners' biggest assets; userbase and emails * Prevents userbase contamination by fake accounts * As critical as email validity check * Stops people registering your services with disposable email accounts like, pookmail * Detects public accounts (spread from sites like and bans them * Working principle is similar to spam blacklists like; power of masses * Totally free, your donations are welcome Technically speaking, this is a web service that provides you API to check email credibility against disposable hosts and fake accounts. We currently support only REST, XML-RPC protocols and PHP serialization but SOAP and JSON are on the way as well.

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