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Submission + - Nintendo Strengthens Wii Wrist Straps

NPN_Transistor writes: "Wii Have a Problem reports that Nintendo is making thicker and stronger wrist straps for the Wii remote after reports of the straps breaking and obliterating television screens. From the article:
After having my Wii Remote fly through the air and hit the ceiling while my brother-in-law played Wii Sports Bowling, I promptly called Nintendo and complained about this catastrophe. The customer service was very nice and professional, and quickly sent me a new Wii Remote, shipping paid for it to come to me, and for me to send the old one back. Little did I know that the Wii Remote I would soon get would have a stronger string connecting the wrist strap to the Wii Remote. Indeed, as I opened the UPS package, I discovered that it was much thicker and looked stronger than before.
The decision by Nintendo looks like it could save consumers thousands of dollars in TV repairs and spare countless pets and other fragile household items from destruction. Take a look at the article for the photographic evidence!"

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