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Data Storage

Submission + - Help Booting MacBook Pro from External SATA

TheZorch writes: "We have a 15" Apple MacBook Pro with both Mac OS X and Windows XP Professional installed on it. We use Mac OS X for every day use and Windows is kept for those games which aren't Mac native (and won't run in Parallels because it doesn't do 3D acceleration yet). We're running out of room on the Mac OS X partition mostly because of GarageBand and all of the add-on packs we want to be able to use with it. We have over 1TB of USB storage but we can't install iLife to any other drive but the system volume and most other Mac software doesn't give you the option to change its installation destination.

So, we have two qeustions really.

1. Can applications be moved once they are installed in Mac OS X?
and ...
2. Is there a way to boot a MacBook Pro from an eSATA drive?

Recently I got ahold of a FirmTech SATA II Expresscard/34 adapter and eSATA II two drive housing. Installing the card and drives in Mac OS X and Windows was pretty easy and it works really well, but is it possible to boot from these drives at all? I haven't been able to find a Firmware setup screen to see if the MacBook Pro recognizes the card before it boots the OS, and when starting up BootCamp gives only the standard boot options for Mac OS X and XP. Is there a way we can at least boot Windows XP from one of these SATA drives on the FirmTech SATA II card? Or, if there is a way to move installed applications from the system volume without blowing things up I like to know how its done.

Please help, we really need answers if there are any."

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