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purebetterlife writes: Although there are hundreds of brands of home water filters, they all rely on a small number of technologies to remove contaminants. That does not mean that every filter that uses a given technology is as good as another, but it does mean that you can get a good idea of the general pros and cons of the different systems relatively easily.
A few tips to keep in mind: ,
Some filters use a combination of technologies, while others rely on just one.
To ensure that a filter removes a particular contaminant, verify that it is certified for that contaminant by a reputable, independent agency. For example, some carbon filters can remove chloramine but others cannot. Filters vary widely in quality.
Some filters are labeled "NSF certified." NSF is a reputable product evaluation company, but its certifications are not all the same. It may certify that a filter will improve water's taste and odor but not necessarily guarantee that it will remove any specific contaminants. Read the fine print. http://purebetterlife.allmyblo...
EWG's water filter guide only includes filters that have been certified by the California Department of Public Health and/or NSF to reduce one or more common drinking water contaminants. http://purebetterlife.over-blo...

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How to Choose a Water Filters Household

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