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Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - Leave Games on Car Roof; Lose Memory Lane

robi2106 writes: I recently visited a friends house with my laptop and a 72 disc CD case full of my entire PC gaming collection for the past 10 years, freshly consolidated from smaller cases. Of course, this case was left on the car roof while packing up for the return trip and promptly lost on the drive back. I lost every PC game I have owned in the past 10 years (except C&C Red Alert and Sim City 3K). Aside from being a great example of what not to do, this has erased my ability to revisit my past, as I frequently would re-install favorites and play through them, with friends where applicable. This led me to think of the memories I have now lost the ability to relive. What games would other readers loose if their tabletop sets, D&D manuals, console discs, etc were lost in a similarly brain dead event? Or even worse, what associated memories would dull with time? Should these memories even matter that much?

Do I now have a great excuse to visit the bargain bins and get new unscratched discs? Or have I just regained several house a week in possible productivity, sleep, or spousal relationship building? Is that such a bad thing?

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