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Submission + - Asterix on User-Mode Linux

rainhill writes: "Hi all, I'm a sysadmin in a mid-size company, we recently have decided to implement a VOIP between our 4 offices, we have hired an external company (consultant) for the implementation, as I remember they have initially suggested to install Asterix on Linux (preferably Debian), I have suggested to stick with Redhat, and they said 'Redhat should be OK.'.

With the recommendation of this company we have purchased the hardware (servers), purchased cards and prepared everything else, all was smooth until they said they want to install Asterix on User-Mode Linux because of its security, etc.., at first their arguments for User-Mode Linux seemed reasonable, but I'm a bit worried since I did not know much about that distro.

I called and asked a few friends who are also Linux admins for many years and RHCEs, and they have suggested to go with Redhat at least for the reason of its supported a larger company and can find certified engineers (like themselves) if thinks go wrong current consultant, I also thought it was a wise idea to go with Redhat, as we already use it for many years as mail, samba, squid, firewall, etc..

I then called back our consultant suggested him we shall stick with Redhat, but he rejected the idea and give me a lot of reason for not-to, among them User-Mode Linux was more secure, and for Redhat they needed to find new packages, recompile the kernel, etc.., etc.. And finally telling me that they may have to revise (increase) their quotation and delay implementation time if he must go with Redhat.

We cannot afford many delays on this project and especially increased costs would be real problem.

With all this, I would like to ask your opinions, should we go with consultant's suggestion of User-mode Linux? Or should we demand for Redhat and bare the consequences? ~ Your opinions will help a lot, thanks."

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