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Submission + - SPAM: How and Where to Watch T20 World Cup 2016 Online?

livelsr writes: For the first time at a major ICC event, host broadcaster Sunset+Vine under the banner of ICC TV will produce live broadcast coverage of 48 matches, including all 35 men’s and 13 women’s matches, which, in turn, will be aired around the world by ICC’s Global Broadcast Partner Star Sports and its licensees into more than 200 territories. T20 World Cup 2016 Live Streaming will start from 8th April today and ends on 3rd April 2016 with the Final in Kolkata.

The coverage will include 30 cameras at all matches, including 6 Ultra-motion HawkEye cameras and Spidercam. Enhancements will include in-depth dynamic HawkEye packages, edge detection technology provided by UltraEdge, augmented reality graphics and in depth analytics provided by Cricviz. Following on from its success at international cricket last year, viewers back home will be able to hear the third umpire’s audio during umpire referrals, providing insight into decision making using broadcast technology. Fans will also be provided with live scores, statistics and other information vian a fresh and new ICC graphics package provided by Alston Elliot.

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How and Where to Watch T20 World Cup 2016 Online?

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