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Submission + - Presenting a sysadmins work

ltning writes: "After having had a rather loosely organized sysadmin group at work, with many responsibilities (stretching far beyond mere sysadmin work), the whole company is now trying to focus its people and departments in order to improve efficiency. This naturally causes the "free flow" of information between the departments to decrease, meaning that I no longer know "everything" about what the sales or customer service guys are doing, and vice versa. As part of the process, monthly status meetings have been established, where everyone is invited, and each department head is to present his or her departments work the last month. For sales, this is easy — sales numbers, statistics and pretty graphs speak for themselves (and they usually get an applause by the end of their presentation). For customer service, it's also quite doable — they report on the number of issues they had, resolving time, any problems with external providers etc., and they do customer satisfaction surveys.
But what is a sysadmin department supposed to do? Our work is, in its nature, pretty much invisible. Whenever it isn't, it's because something has gone wrong. I can show them uptime stats, but I have no idea how to explain — to computer-illiterate people — how much work it actually is to keep the uptime good. I can tell them that we had such-and-such many security patches and virus database updates to install ... "yea big deal, my computer at home does that automatically".
I'm wondering if these presentations won't be used to evaluate each department, in order to distribute bonuses etc. Therefore this becomes a rather pressing issue, from a strategic point of view. So, does the Slashdot sysadmin community have any experience with such presentations?"

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