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Submission + - Looking Towards the Future: Using Social Media The RIGHT Way (howtoincreasetwittersfollowers.net)

Dustinpedro writes: For the past decade, social media has been an get more followers on twitter unstoppable force in networking and marketing techniques. However, it’s only been in the past couple of years that social media has not only become readily available for all, but has also become one of the most cost-effective methods for content marketing. Now, more than ever, it is absolutely imperative that you get your company on social media.People don’t know how to use social media the right way. In an article conducted by Harvard Business Review (HBR), a weak 12% of the companies surveyed (out of 2,100) said that they felt like they were effectively using social media! In this day and age it is imperative that companies with social media channels learn how to use them effectively, and those that don’t have it, get it.Social media, if used correctly, is one of the most effective ways a company can not only promote a product or service, cheaply and quickly to a massive amount of potential customers, but also market the company name and reputation. Yes, this is important. If you can set up a social media page and get an adequate amount of followers (see article “4 Steps on Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies For Your Online Business“), you can not only connect your product to a customer base twitter hide retweets with the free post of a single picture, but you can devise an entire marketing strategy centered around the structure of your company’s reputation! Establishing a successful Facebook page will not only allow you to reach your customers on a single hub, but allow you to easily attract potential customers, build a brand around your company, and ultimately drive more traffic to your website. Analyze your audience

Knowing who your audience is, is an important step in how to gain instagram followers creating your social media marketing plan and one that will help you to better implement you content strategy, perform social media actions and of course decide the platforms you should focus on.Given that social media is an extension of your overall marketing efforts, if you’ve already created personas for your marketing strategy use them as a base to define your target audience on social. If however, your target audience is not clearly defined, gather the information you need on your audience’s demographic and psychographic characteristics by looking at your site’s analytics or by putting together quick surveys that will help you to better outline the profiles of your current and potential customers. The platforms that are more likely to have the biggest impact for your business are the ones that your audience is using and that are relevant to your product or service. Simply put, the fact that there’s a bunch of social media platforms out there, doesn’t mean that you need to be present on each of them.Your competitors’ presence, as well as the profile of your customers are the two decisive factors when picking the right social media platforms for your business.It might come as a how do i get more likes on instagram surprise, but a recent survey revealed that only 15% of brands are able to quantify the impact of social media on their business.So how are you going to determine whether your social media efforts are actually making a difference for your business? What key measures will you use to evaluate social media strategy effectiveness?This infographic that surfaced a few years back, reveals what KPIs social media marketers focus on to quantify the impact of social media marketing on their business. The Recent Past: Rapid Rate Of Change For Everything

New media adoption rate used to be “relatively” slow. TV was increase facebook likes introduced in 1947, and its adoption (measured by percent of penetration in the population) plateaued after 50 years. By comparison, the Internet, introduced in the early 1990s, reached its peak penetration in less than half the years of TV. Although we don’t know where mobile Internet adoption will ultimately end, existing stats indicate a rate exponentially higher than that of its predecessors. Next, the notion of “viral” marketing has taken content distribution to the next level. This “earned” media — media that does not require marketers to purchase an audience, but rather “earns” its interest — can capture audiences at an unprecedented rate. An extreme example is the 2013 YouTube video, Gangnam Style. Released in July of 2012, it received more than 1.9 billion views in eight months. This phenomenon shows the power of earned media and the possible rate of viral content distribution. In the past two years, more than 90 percent of all data was created. It’s no accident that this exponential growth coincides with the introduction highest youtube views of mobile devices, which have increased the amount of information available about how humans behave online. No one had predicted the growth of data such as this.

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Looking Towards the Future: Using Social Media The RIGHT Way

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