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Submission + - Reliable supplier of Rotary packing machine (

An anonymous reader writes: We specilized in Vertical packaging machine,Rotary packing machine,These two kinds of machine both suit for solid, granule,liquid and powder material,solid material like snacks,food,dates,dumplings,coffee beans,potato chips,chocolate,tea,dried fruit,kinds of nuts,etc, and granule material included coffee,rice,sugar,salt,etc,and liquid like juice,water,sauces,oil,etc,and the powder like milk powder,coffee powder,washing powder,spices,chilli powder,masala,etc.And the raw packing can be film or finished bags,pouch,doypack,sachet bags,etc. And we also produce water treatment and water filling machine about the pure water production line.
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Reliable supplier of Rotary packing machine

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