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planchartaksel writes: Apple Outlet was founded out of our President’s bedroom in 2013. It was founded on the belief that consumers need somewhere trust worthy to buy pre-owned Apple products and repair. Our motto is simple; we treat every customer that we come in contact like family. Apple Outlet specializes in off-lease, end-of-life devices, and repair. What this means is that after Apple devices have been leased to a place like a school district, business, or government agency we go in and buy them to resell. We also take huge pride in saving devices from hitting the landfill. A large amount of our devices come from places that may have ended up throwing them away due to age or issues. We make sure the devices can get back in the user’s hands. Lastly we specialize in Apple repair. We aren’t your normal repair shop, beside from doing the standard iPhone, iPad, and Apple Computer repairs we do things like, board level repair, micro soldering, water damager repair, data recover, glass only as well as LCD only, and so much more. These services takes years of practice and high end equipment to perform. We love be able to do the repairs that people say cannot be done.
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