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Healthy Meals writes: The Paleo diet in a nutshell is a way of eating and not just another fad diet. It is broken down in three stages where you gradually cleanse your body of toxins and begin eating like our ancestors did over 500,000 years ago. This type of diet is for those who are committed and dedicated to eating a certain way for the rest of their lives. This is not the diet for you if you are looking to lose a quick ten vanity pounds. Your diet will mainly consist of eggs, fish, lean meats, raw nuts, and fresh raw fruits and vegetables. You are not allowed to eat any dairy products or carbohydrates such as breads and rice. You will be required to fast for a period of two to six weeks. This is the detoxification period. If you decide to eat Paleo, this is a very restrictive diet that is not for everyone. This diet might prove difficult to adhere to since foods are ancestors ate are not available today.
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Live Longer Live Well With The Paleo Diet

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