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Submission + - Amazon launches a new Kindle with double the storage (

Nate the greatest writes: Don't look now but Amazon has quietly updated its flagship ebook reader, the Kindle Paperwhite — just not the one we were expecting. The new 2014 model lacks the 300dpi resolution screen and page turn buttons that rumors said it would have (it also missed the second quarter ship date from the TechCrunch rumor). In fact, numerous Kindle owners report that the new Kindle looks identical to last year's model, only it comes with twice the internal storage. It's been shipping since July, but the blogosphere only noticed this week. Do you think this means no new Kindle this year, or is the new model simply a placeholder for the new and amazing Kindle? Amazon has filed for new patents on new screen tech, but when do you think we'll see the new screen?
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Amazon launches a new Kindle with double the storage

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