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Submission + - Auralux release for browsers shows Emscripten reaching indie devs 1

MorgyTheMole writes: Disclaimer: I am a programmer who worked on this title. Porting C++/OpenGL based games using Emscripten and WebGL has been an approach pushed by Mozilla for some time now. Games using the technology are compatible with most modern browsers and require no separate install. We've seen Epic Games demonstrate UnrealEngine 4 in browser as well as Unity show off a variety of games. Now as the technology matures, indie devs are looking to get into the mix, including this near 1 to 1 port of E McNeill's Auralux, a simplified RTS game, from Android and iOS.
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Auralux release for browsers shows Emscripten reaching indie devs

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  • Woohoo! My browser can run Doom and it only needs 20 times the memory and CPU power of the original.

    Why can't I just have a browser that takes a 10th of the CPU and memory and doesn't do all this other BS?

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