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Submission + - Fun in the Workplace Already!!!!

An anonymous reader writes: As I'm about to take on a major leadership role in a large tech firm in Germany, one of the things I am tasked with is to find ways to make working at the firm more fun and interesting for the IT people there. There's a number of development teams, Backend, Frontend, Dev-Ops, and QA, each with 2-5 Developers and a Manager. The teams comprise an international mix, which makes it even more of a challenge, and some are single, some have kids.

So, if you were a developer there, what would do it for you? What would make it so that things were so fun at work you'd just couldn't wait to arrive?

I am all open to all suggestions and comments, I already have some ideas, but would love to hear from you!
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Fun in the Workplace Already!!!!

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