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Submission + - French fight the death of OpenVMS ( 1

dcblogs writes: An OpenVMS user group in France has posted an "open letter" to Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman urging her to reconsider HP's decision to begin pulling support for the operating system. The letter, written by OpenVMS consultant Gerard Calliet on behalf of user group HP-Interex France, explains the important role OpenVMS plays in running transportation systems, health services and even nuclear power plants in France. "These software products are the result of decades of precise programming, inscribed in precise coding imperative for such functional necessities," Calliet wrote. "A majority of them use functions specific to OpenVMS and still run on OpenVMS, as these custom features are hard to find elsewhere." The user group accuses HP of being unclear about its direction and creating confusion. In 2013, HP said it would not be validating OpenVMS on its latest Itanium-based systems.
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French fight the death of OpenVMS

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  • How about this. Make VMS on Atom->i5 free and charge for VMS on i7->up on Intel and do the same with AMD. Make it free on the lower end chips and more expensive on the workstation and server chips.
    You might even get some interesting apps made for it and maybe even pickup some support contracts.
    BTW I know the i7 is often used on high end systems besides workstations. If you wanted you could slice it up by socket 1150 being free and socket 2011 and up being pay.
    The idea is to get the OS out for more peo

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