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Submission + - Google, CNN Leaders in "Advertising Pollution" 1

theodp writes: "Everyone gets that advertising is what powers the internet, and that our favorite sites wouldn't exist without it," writes longtime ad guy Ken Segall in The Relentless (and annoying) Pursuit of Eyeballs. "Unfortunately, for some this is simply license to abuse. Let's call it what it is: advertising pollution." CNN's in-your-face, your-video-will-play-in-00:25-seconds approach, once unthinkable, has become the norm. "Google," Segall adds, "is a leader in advertising pollution, with YouTube being a showcase for intrusive advertising. Many YouTube videos start with a mandatory ad, others start with an ad that can be dismissed only after the first 10 seconds. Even more annoying are the ad overlays that actually appear on top of the video you're trying to watch. It won't go away until you click the X. If you want to see the entire video unobstructed, you must drag the playhead back to start over. Annoying. And disrespectful." Google proposed using cap and trade penalties to penalize traditional polluters — how about for those who pollute the Internet?
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Google, CNN Leaders in "Advertising Pollution"

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  • There was a kind of slap-stickish science fiction story concerning advertising that had a connection to legal alkyloids to addict people.

    I've thought of that story quite often over the last decade or so. It had seemed somewhat funny, and foolish. The more time goes by, the less funny, less foolish, and more like reality the story seems.

    I'll try to find the name of that story.

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