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Submission + - Leading the way – CCS fitted coal-fired power stations now a reality

stephendavion writes: Despite being touted as the best way to clean up dirty fossil fuels, commercial deployment of carbon capture storage (CCS) in the power industry has been near non-existent. Now, for the first time ever, a coal-fired power plant is being retrofitted with CCS. The plant, located in Canada, is near completion, while a similar project in the US is also under construction. For continued growth, the coal industry must get clean. Carbon capture storage (CCS) technology is ready and available but is still relatively expensive and has, until recently, never been applied to the power industry before. Two power companies — one in Canada and another in the US — have set out to show how the economics and technology of CCS can be applied to the power industry.
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Leading the way – CCS fitted coal-fired power stations now a reality

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