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Submission + - Media Viewer: yet another Wikipedia scandal in the making 3

metasonix writes: As reported on Wikipediocracy today, the Wikimedia Foundation's software developers created a new "Media Viewer" feature to show high-resolution Wikipedia images in a pop-up window. It worked, but had many problems. Result: "One month after implementation, volunteer administrator Pete Forsyth unceremoniously switched the new feature off, only to find his change reverted by none other than the Wikimedia Foundation’s Deputy Director and VP of Engineering and Product Development, Erik Möller, who threatened to remove Forsyth’s administrative privileges. Möller in turn has now been hauled in front of Wikipedia’s arbitration committee, accused of overstepping his authority." This is roughly similar to a group of volunteer police cadets attempting to remove their chief of police, for changing department policy. The story is bizarre, and it perfectly underscores the dysfunctional and twisted internal culture of Wikipedia.
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Media Viewer: yet another Wikipedia scandal in the making

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  • Now that Wikipedia has one of those pop-up JavaScript image viewers, the next thing they should do is have all the article text swoop in from the side of the page using JavaScript animation, like in the Single Helix Animated List []. They should be able to spend at least $1 million in donor funds on that, I figure. (And also have it not work properly.)
    • by ilvadel ( 306101 )
      The WMF developers have been hard at work. This link [] still produces an error, several hours later:

      PHP fatal error in /usr/local/apache/common-local/php-1.24wmf12/extensions/Flow/includes/Content/Content.php line 37: Argument 2 passed to Flow\Content\Content::onFetchContentObject() must implement interface Content, null given

      It's good to see fifty million donor dollars put to such good use.

  • From the latest Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan [] (page 5):

    In 2014-2015 our plan is to increase revenue to $58.5 million from a 2013-2014 projection of $52.5 million, an increase of 11%. Our revenue targets are designed to fund investments in the WMF, primarily in product development and engineering. We believe that if we chose to, we could increase revenues more than is reflected in this plan, but we believe this target reflects and appropriate balance between funding growth while minimizing annoyance to t

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