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Submission + - A film about assasination of real US president? (

sfcrazy writes: What is common between The Conspirator, Death of a President, JFK, The Day of the Jackal and Shooter? Full of twisted plots, these movies are based on President Assassination plots. A similar plot is bearing the wrath of the government of North Korea, which has taken serious offense to Seth Rogen’s upcoming film titled The Interview. North Korea has raised issues with the film. Most US audience would say 'there should be freedom of expression'.

This makes me wonder if there are any Hollywood films that show the assassination of a real and not a fictional US President. Or are there films that revolve around the plot of murdering the current US President? However, what I do remember is that the US Army banned the sale of Medal of Honor video game as the game allowed you to play as an Al Qaeda member and attack US troops. Do you think a writer can ever dare to work on a film plot about the assassination of the current US President?

While we are at it, does Quentin Tarantino has the courage to re-write the history and show the murder of John F Kennedy in a satirical way? Feel free to write in to us about what you feel about this

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A film about assasination of real US president?

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