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Submission + - A computer beating humans and passing Turing's test wasn't a fair fight. (

oztechmuse writes: The recent success of computer program Eugene Goostman in passing the Turing Test has been hailed as a first. This is not necessarily a view shared by the creators of the program, Vladimir Veselov and Eugene Demchenko. They have long been involved with the Turing Test and have previously written that their approach was to find ways to deal specifically with behaviours of the judges and the types of question they ask to check if the subject is a computer or not. They have written that “Turing’s Test is, actually, no more than a joke of that genius British mathematician. This game has nothing (or very little) in common with the question “Can machines think?”"

The other thing this event won't do is resolve the long-standing bet between Mitch Kapor and Ray Kurtzweil about whether the Turing Test would be passed before 2029. Their test set a much higher bar than the Royal Society that ran the recent test.

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A computer beating humans and passing Turing's test wasn't a fair fight.

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