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Submission + - NSA Is Seeking To Fill A Cyber Intelligence Analyst Position In Hawaii (

schwit1 writes: In a world in which the Twitter account of one secret government agency, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, jokes about the topic of abuse of secrecy and personal privacy — something which back in the day resulted in the impeachment of a US president — in broad public daylight, a year after the US "turnkey totalitarian state" has been exposed for all to see...

Welcome to Twitter! Can't wait to work with you on [REDACTED] :-) RT @CIA: We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.

— NGA (@NGA_GEOINT) June 6, 2014

... it can be difficult to evaluate what in this banana republic is a grotesque farce and what is reality.

The following job posting from the NSA, however, seeking an experienced Cyber Intelligence Analyst for the Honolulu, Hawaii location, is all too real.

Which makes us wonder: is this merely an attempt by the NSA — whose every last secret is being slowly but surely revealed — to unburn bridges with the most infamous Hawaii-based NSA operative in history? Or, alternatively, is it time for another patriotic whistleblower to step in Edward's shoes?

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NSA Is Seeking To Fill A Cyber Intelligence Analyst Position In Hawaii

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