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Submission + - Windows 8 a 'threat' to China's security

mrspoonsi writes: Microsoft's Windows 8 has been branded a threat to China's cybersecurity in a state-backed news report. China's CCTV broadcast a strongly critical story in which experts suggested it was being used to grab data about Chinese citizens. The report comes only days after China banned the use of Windows 8 on many government computers. Separately, other Chinese media firms called for tech firms that aided US spying to face "severe punishment". In the story Prof Yang Min of Fudan University was quoted as saying that Windows 8 posed a "big challenge" to the nation's cybersecurity efforts, "Microsoft would no longer open its Windows 8 source code to the Chinese government," he said. "However the security scheme of the Windows 8 operating system is designed to provide better access for Microsoft to users' database." The report also suggested that Windows 8 was one of the methods the NSA was using to spirit data out of the country. China has been a consistent critic of the wide-ranging surveillance programme carried out by the NSA.
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Windows 8 a 'threat' to China's security

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