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Submission + - Lepton Universality in question, the Standard Model may be in trouble. (

Charliemopps writes: Over the past few years, more and more experiments have started to question one of the core assumptions of the standard model: Lepton Universality. Simply put, the weak nuclear force is assumed to work equally on all Leptons (electron, muon and tau.)

2 years ago The Babar experimental collaboration reported that measurements indicated this may not have been the case. But the measurements were not accurate enough to be definitive.

Now, a report from The LHC shows that they have analyzed their entire dataset of proton-proton collisions and found a rather large discrepancy. These measurements are still not all that accurate. These decays happen so rarely that even with this huge data set there is still about a 1% change they are incorrect.

One explanation for such measurements is an, as of yet, undiscovered charged Higgs particle. Which would have to be extremely heavy, greater than 109GEV possibly even as high as 150GEV. This is predicted by some models outside of the standard model like Supersymmetry Does this breath new life into Super symmetry? We'll have to wait for the scientific community to chime in to find out.

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Lepton Universality in question, the Standard Model may be in trouble.

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