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Submission + - Ford Dealership Sends Tiny Mustang To Space on a Weather Balloon 1

joe5 writes: Sometimes, people decide to fire things into space. Staff members a Ford dealership in Stockton, Calif. recently strapped a 2015 Mustang model car to a custom-built, high-altitude weather balloon capable of traveling to the outer reaches of earth. The team added a rod to the instrumentation box suspended below it, and mounted the model car and a camera to record some video. The 21-mile flight (recorded on video) took 74 minutes before the balloon burst, producing a harrowing flat-spin similar to Goose and Maverick in Top Gun. A GPS transmitter led the team to the crash site after a parachute deployed. The reason for the space travel? To celebrate the Mustang's 50th birthday.
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Ford Dealership Sends Tiny Mustang To Space on a Weather Balloon

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  • Well fortunately no one had a car land on them or their home. And that's great that they would want to hold such a ceremony on the Mustang's 50th I hope that means they have big plans for at ford to step it up and compete with all he foreign car manufacturers. There was a time when we led the world in the automobile industry until that greedy jerk Rockefeller decided to invest in the Japanese auto industry.

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