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sendmoe5$es writes: Even if western theme doesn't normally appeal to u, try this video game anyway. This is actually 1 of the best games ever made. I gave it a try on a whim a few yrs ago after gamestop worker recommended it & verified that whether it appears like your cup of tea or otherwise, don't evaluate by cover, theme, etc. I have for life grateful to her since.

This's fantastic, spectacular, so much fun, loaded with stuff to do & find & has such a great story in extra to stellar gameplay & loads of content giving u a lot of pleasurable hours of play & adventure that you won't wish to take down your controller. I cannot say enough great aspects of this game since it is past great.

Helpful tip to obtain the G.O.T.Y. version instead of regular. For just a little more $, you gain an entire other game & all the DLC consisted of. Separately it’d cost quite a bit. I don't generally care for zombie video games but Undead Nightmare included in GOTY variation is such a blast & a great deal better than other zombie games. Sure it takes place in the same HUGE environment as Red Dead, however it's a totally various encounter, different game & different premise. I had not been sure what to expect but completely enjoyed it & DLC packs are actually a fantastic added bonus totaling this buy as a package of greatness.

Also helpful is the skip mission option so you don't miss out on this wonderful video game due to something u can't get past. You can retry later when better at the job or even skip it entirely if it's something you cannot or don't want to do. It'll give you choice after a few failed attempts. Thx 4 that Rockstar, because I would certainly missed the whole game if I had not been able to skip 1st mission & run to it later. Boy would certainly I have actually lost out.

In case you are unsure you'll like it however curious, purchase a pre owned copy at gamestop & in case you really don't like it, you have 7 days to rent it for a reimbursement or another game.
In case you like or even love it, you'll most likely enjoy Far Cry 3 & Assassin's Creed games too. They too have gorgeous open worlds & comparable play, various themes, but Red Dead's story takes the cake away from all discussed. That's certainly not to say I didn't love Far Cry 3 & A.C. 2 & rest of A.C.'s, since I absolutely did. Red dead just holds a special place in my compassion for greatness!! I wish you attempt & love it like I did!!

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Renting A Video Game

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