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An anonymous reader writes: Once in a while, a game arrives that is more than a video game. It goes past the preconceived ideas that we have in regards to what a video game need to look like, seem like and sound like. These gems are way over just video games, they are experiences in and of on their own. While these treasures are difficult to acquire, with this collection, you have two such video games displayed in marvelous HD for your Playstation 3 console on one convenient disc.

Ico was my first stop on this disc, and just what an event it is. Ico puts you in the shoes of a young boy who has been cast out and sent to a dark, desolate castle to die mainly because he has horns. After breaking free from his prison, Ico starts to wander the dark castle and finds out a stunning looking girl named Yorda locked in a cage. He liberates her, and the story begins.

Ico basically functions as one large escort mission- something which would turn most avid gamers off. Make no mistake, nevertheless, this is one escort you will remember for years. While guiding Yorda through the castle, you will encounter puzzles, platforming sequences and enemies. The thing that makes Ico unique, nevertheless, is that the only enemies you will discover over the main game are shadow creatures.

These shadow beings had been sent to drag Yorda into their shadow portals at any cost and it is your work to make sure that she doesn't get whisked away, lest you face a game over. There are lots of facets of Ico that challenge the preconditioned ideologies we think a video game must have. But probably the biggest one is that the best way to see a game over screen, would be to have Yorda be utilized away by shadow creatures, or falling from a cliff. This makes sure that regardless of what, you will have an eye on Yorda- and that is precisely what the designers had in mind.

The puzzles in Ico are not awfully difficult, however they aren't cakewalks either. Get ready to invest some time pushing blocks around and swinging from ropes before you lastly see the appropriate way of advancing. As you clear up puzzles in a manner that allows Ico to advance, you need to also be sure that Yorda never strays too far behind understanding that she will have the ability to advance with you. Taking her by the hand, you lead her through the puzzles and stunning locales.

When shadow creatures strike, get ready for an adrenaline rush. They arrive from all angles, swooping in, swinging at Ico and producing every try to drag Yorda off. It is these fight series that provide the most intensive and well crafted areas of the overall game. If Yorda starts to get pulled off, your eyes instantly go to the shadow creature while you begin an all-out sprint to make sure she isn't dragged into a shadow pit.

The environments and music of Ico are really stunning. The environments look fantastic on the PS3, displaying gorgeous skies, desolate looking castle smoothness and rough looking waters well underneath the castle's confines. The music is beautiful in its simpleness. Don't go into this game anticipating a Danny Elfman arrangement. What music there is plays quietly and this enables you to hear the interactions between Yorda and Ico as well as the occasional sound of a gull flying overhead or a wave crashing down below the castle.

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Ico and Yorda Fight Shadow Beast

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