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Submission + - The upcoming Windows 8.1 apocalypse 2

arglebargle_xiv writes: As most people will have heard, Microsoft will end support for anyone who hasn't upgraded to Win8.1 Update 1 on May 8. What fewer people have heard is that large numbers of users can't install the 8.1 Update, with over a thousand messages in this one thread alone, and that's for tech geeks rather than home users who won't find out about this until their PC becomes orphaned on May 8. Check your Windows Update log, if you've got a "Failed" entry next to KB2919355 then your PC will also become orphaned after May 8.
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The upcoming Windows 8.1 apocalypse

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  • At least with Gentoo, I expect to have a bit of fun for some updates!
  • I had this issue, so I called MS who has always offered free support for failed security updates. After verifying the problem, The tech arranged to escalate my case to tier-3. The tier-3 tech called the next day, downloaded a small navigational registry patch to my system. The problem was rapidly fixed. So rather then freaking out, why not do the sensible thing and take advantage of the free support that comes with a paid product?

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