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Submission + - Wording emails concerning security alerts or warnings

Capt.Michaels writes: This topic may have been covered before and even possibly now buried in links somewhere. I need to send alerts or warnings to employees at a fledgling, but somewhat sizable company. My debacle is sending these alerts without freaking everyone out at the company, causing the help desk to get flooded with phone calls and minimize the really dumb calls that might come anyway. For example: Let's say the current IE exploit that MS recommends not using their browser.
I don't want everyone killing our limited help desk with ridiculous questions like, I downloaded "insert browser name here", how can I get my tool bar, how do I bookmark things in this browser, can you tell me which browser you recommend, can you teach me computers? Ugh! My inclination is, this will pass. Say nothing until update comes out on whatever issue and just patch vulnerability later. I know better judgement and experience will leverage all issues. However, what format and wording should I use when I do need to send out emails?
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Wording emails concerning security alerts or warnings

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