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Submission + - 2015 To Be the Year of the Toyota Hydrogen Car?

jgwhite writes: What refuels in just three minutes, emits only water vapor and could prove a very real threat to the fossil fuels business? Answer: Toyota. At least, this is according to the latest news coming out of Reuters.

The auto manufacturer issued the press release on April 17, saying that by 2015, the first production hydrogen fuel-cell propulsion car will hit the market. However, many problems could persist, due to issues involving dangerous infrastructure. According to Elon Musk of Tesla Motors, “Hydrogen is a quite dangerous gas. It’s suitable for the upper-stage rocket, but not for cars.”

Nevertheless, this is certainly a major leap forward for “green car technology,” but Toyota could simply just be trying to lob an inefficient hydrogen car on the market, so they claim the pioneer title. At this point, don’t sell that Mustang just yet.
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2015 To Be the Year of the Toyota Hydrogen Car?

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