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Submission + - How 13-Pound Carbon Fiber Wheels Are Made

cartechboy writes: These days, it's all about being lightweight when it comes to cars. Whether it's to achieve better fuel economy, go faster, or simply to be more advanced than the other guys, it's the way things are moving. Carbon fiber is one of the materials that's enabling automakers to produce lightweight cars. We've seen carbon fiber wheels before, but thanks to a new video we now know how these 13-pound wheels are made. Currently, Koenigsegg is the only automaker in the world making carbon fiber wheels for its products, but that's not to say they haven't been available via aftermarket firms for quite a while. Carbon fiber wheels are not only tougher than forged aluminum sets, they're also about 40-percent lighter. The wheels are so perfectly balanced that a counterweight for the tiny air valve is needed. Don't hit a pot hole with one of these as it'll likely cost you a pretty penny, or two.
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How 13-Pound Carbon Fiber Wheels Are Made

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