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Submission + - Yes. The NSA did know about, exploit Heartbleed (bloomberg.com) 1

squiggleslash writes: One question arose almost immediately upon the exposure of Heartbleed (Original Slashdot story), the infamous OpenSSL exploit that can leak confidential information and even private keys to the Internet: Did the NSA know about it, and did they exploit if so? The answer is "Yes". Bloomberg reports that "The agency found the Heartbeat glitch shortly after its introduction, according to one of the people familiar with the matter, and it became a basic part of the agency’s toolkit for stealing account passwords and other common tasks." Some National Security experts are upset about this, given the same flaw could just as easily be used by foreign governments against Americans as vice versa.
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Yes. The NSA did know about, exploit Heartbleed

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  • I call B.S. NSA contractors operated thousands of systems with sensitive NSA data running the affected versions of openssl. It's extraordinarily unlikely that they'd have intentionally left a certain important body part swinging in the breeze for years for the sake of an advantage over adversaries. it would have been an insanely gutsy move, the kind requiring you to judge your adversary's data more valuable than your own.

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