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Submission + - Android malware is rare, but some choose it deliberately (networkworld.com)

smaxp writes: Google just released its latest numbers of potentially harmful apps (PHA) installed on Android devices. Based on data from 4 billion app installations, only 0.18% of users go forward with an app installation after being warned that it may be insecure, according to Google. Interestingly, though, that 0.18% includes some very Android-savvy users.

Some people actually embrace PHAs, and their app installs are included in the 0.18% of PHAs. The only way to bypass a locked bootloader or install a custom Android ROM like Cyanogenmod is with a root exploit, which will be detected as a PHA. There are many reasons to run a root exploit on one’s own Android device.

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Android malware is rare, but some choose it deliberately

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